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Romantic Bridals: Canadian Pricing Information

For pricing information in Canada, please contact one of our Authorized Retailers.

Romantic Bridals: US Pricing Information

Romantic Bridals has seven designer labels. Each category has different prices, depending on the style, fabrication, and intricacy. Our authorized retailers will help you and your bridal party find the perfect dresses within your budgets.

Price ranges for Romantic Bridals categories are as follows:

Collection Price Range
Romantic Bridals $350-$1500
Hearts Desire $1000-$2100
Romantic Curvy $1000-$2100
Romantic Maids $160-$300
Mothers/Pearl Gowns $350-$700
Ignite Prom $300-$650
Enchant Gowns $400-$750
*Please note that these prices only apply to stores within the United States.